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Lilly Rivera, is a celebrity makeup artist with over 25 years of experience in the cosmetics, beauty, and bridal industries. She holds an esthetics license in New York and has her own bridal beauty business, BridalGal in New York City.

Lilly uses the latest advanced techniques in makeup application and has mastered total control of airbrushing techniques making her stand out above others in the industry. Her specialty is long wearing waterproof airbrush makeup and she caters to a large multicultural client base including Indian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, African, and many more, which in most cases provides challenging skin tones. Her highly regarded work and technique enhances the woman’s most striking features, earning her star status with such celebrity beauties as Lauren Bush, Rachel Hunter, Amanda Hearst, Anh Duong, and Patricia Duff.

Lilly’s bridal beauty studio has been featured in Latin TV Despirerta America and her work has been featured in: Manhattan Bride Magazine, Makeup Artist Magazine, Les Nouvelle Esthetique, Oprah Magazine, People in Espanol and many others. Lilly has also been featured in many television bridal shows such as: David Tutera's "My Fair Wedding," "Whose Wedding is it Anyway," and “Married Away. “ As a skin care professional, Lilly has been contracted to represent the beauty brands of Ponds, Dove, Caress, Suave, and Degree catering to the large multi cultural and Hispanic community through television beauty segments, radio, and live appearances in NY, California, Texas, and Miami.

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